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7:35pm 04-17-2011
Venus Kendall
Just stopping by to say ONE Love!!
8:36am 03-03-2011
Hey Beautiful Theta Women!
The website looks really good. You guys should come up to UVA sometime
8:07pm 12-09-2010
I love your site ladies! Sammy
12:09am 06-02-2010
LOVE THE LETTERS UPTOP! so much o had to borrow them.. hope thats cool?

1 <3 from Mu Chapter
11:20pm 12-01-2009
R. Rawls
wONdErful site ladies! THETA NU!!!!
4:54pm 11-07-2008
Ehi Osadiaye
ONEderful site Ladies!!

Ehioze Osadiaye
#1 Sui Generis
Phi Chapter--SP08
12:12pm 08-27-2008
Melissa M-B
ONE love to all my Delta Chapter sorors...I have relocated back to the Triangle and am pursuing employment at Duke--look out! The site is beautiful. Hope to meet all of you soon. Let me know of upcoming events!
11:35pm 07-22-2008
Tuere Williams
]I'm always looking at my options for a fellowship in law school to attend after a return from the Peace Corps as well as a GAP chapter close to that school and I am sooo glad Duke has both
11:48am 04-14-2008
Tracy Jill

Eight years down, many more great ones to go!! Looking foward to the amazing future of the Dynamic Delta Chapter! I'm so proud to be a part of the legacy!

Tracy Jill
#3 Charisma
SPR 01 - Infectious Mosaic
10:47am 03-25-2008
Meaghan Avery
Hey Beautiful Theta Women!
The website looks really good. You guys should come up to UVA sometime!

ONE Love,
Meaghan Avery
#2 Triple Threat
Pi, Spring 2007
3:39pm 03-03-2008
Tiffany Worthen
The website looks great ladies!

ONE love
12:55pm 01-25-2008
=2]Wow! The site is absolutely beautiful!! Congrats ladies, you did a ONEderful job!

Nasley Chumacero
#1 Pixie Dust
Tau, Spring 2007
4:26pm 01-24-2008
The site is gorgeous! Great job ladies!
See you soon!
11:27pm 01-23-2008
Hey ladies,

Way to hold things down at Dynamic Delta! I'd like to echo what everyone else has said - love the new website!

Cary Chen
#2 Epiphany
Delta, Spring 2000
8:09pm 01-23-2008
Hey ladies the page looks great! ONE love!
-#1 Captivating Sparkle
Epsilon Chapter
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